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swinginpdx21's Profile
Last logged in:  Apr 20, 2015 
Personal Details

: Thank you in advance for reading our entire profile. We will try to be as thorough as possible so that you may get a glimpse into who we are and what we would like to get out of the lifestyle. First things first. We are a happily married, secure couple in an ethically non-monogamous relationship. What that means is that we have sex with other people with the permission and encouragement from each other. We both enjoy the lifestyle and cannot imagine our life any other way. We have been in the lifestyle since 2011 and hope to be in it for a very long time. With that said, we do take breaks every now and then just because life can sometimes get in the way of fun.

We also consider ourselves progressive swingers, testing the boundaries of the traditional swinger lifestyle. We are open to many different types of play, scenarios and relationships. The only thing that is constant is our love and commitment to each other. What that means to you is that we still believe that sex is sex and love is love, although we are open to long term friendships as well as casual encounters. While our emphasis is on couples where everyone is having fun at the same time, we are open to singles and love group play. We play same and separate rooms as well as same location or different location with the right people. It is really hard to say what our favorite way to play is, because we really enjoy the variety. We like one on one play on occasion, threesomes(both fmf and mfm), couples and group play. We have dabbled in light BDSM and are interested in exploring that more with the right person or couple. He is a voyeur and loves to watch and is interested in being a cuckold with the right experienced and respectful person.

As far as our preferences, that can sometimes be very difficult to describe. While everyone hopes to find the most attractive people to play with, everyone's definition in what they find attractive is so very different. What we find attractive may not be exactly what you find attractive and vice versa. We believe good chemistry is what makes someone attractive to us beyond anything else. And since chemistry is so important, we require that a first meeting always has no expectations. We are not opposed to play on a first meeting, although we want the pressure and expectation of play be taken off the table before everyone involved has an opportunity to decide that playing is the right thing to do.

We have very few rules, although they are our rules and we do not bend on them for anyone. First, condoms are a must. It does not matter if you are "fixed" or on birth control, we do not feel it is in anyone's best interest that we do not take that precaution. With that said, we feel that oral sex without barriers is an acceptable risk, although we will not turn down anyone who prefers to take that precaution. Second, everyone involved has to be on board. We do not "take one for the team" and we do not expect our playmates to do that either. Third, no anal at this time. While she is very interested in DP at some point, we are not there yet. We will change our profile when that changes and will not bend on this until the time that she is ready. And Fourth, be respectful. While dirty talk can be fun once we all get to know each other, we will not respond to anyone who does not try to get to know us first before starting with all the dirty things you want to do to either one of us.

Beyond those four things, we are open to most anything except extreme pain and overly gross(no blood, water sports or scat). And once we know the chemistry is there, please feel free to discuss fantasies without our judgement. We can be pretty kinky and have fantasies and things we like beyond your typical lifestyle couple, although you do not need to be open to the things we like. For us, it is about having a good time, connecting with each other and our playmates and wonderful, open communication without consequence. We want to know what you enjoy and if we are all into it, we have no problem helping out with your fantasies.

Now a bit about us individually:

He is 6'1", 185lbs with an average build. He has an average 6 1/2" cock with a wonderful curve. He is very much a giver and has learned from all of his experiences to know that every woman is different and that it is not about what he thinks will feel good to you, it is about what actually feels good. He tries to be aware of sounds, movement and looks that you give and is open to direction or changing things to bring you the most pleasure. It is also very important that the pressure of performance is not there. He will always try to help you have a good time, although in this lifestyle, guys can have off nights. If this happens, he promises to do his best to bring you pleasure in other ways. He loves to watch his wife with other men and women and is a 100% believer in compersion.

She is 5'7", curvy, 190lbs and losing a bit each and every month. She enjoys a man who can take control although she loves to give(especially blow jobs). She is a squirter, although not for everyone. She tends to like things intense and a little rough, although happy with most any type of play. She would like to explore rougher play with someone who is experienced and willing to to push boundaries in a respectful way. Also, she considers herself bi-selective. She likes girl play without expectation and has to be in the mood for it. If girl play is a requirement to meet, then she may not feel completely comfortable with that type of expectation. With that said, she normally does not have a problem kissing or touching other girls as well as receiving. She just is not always in the mood to go down on another girl.

In conclusion, we are laid back, open and drama free. We have a very logical view when it comes to the lifestyle and understand that everyone plays different, everyone needs to go at different paces and that everyone should have the freedom to be themselves without judgement. We respect your rules and expect you to do the same with our rules. Above all, we just want everyone to have a good time.

We hope to hear from some amazing people and make some new connections soon.
PUT THIS WARNING ON YOUR PROFILE PEOPLE. GO GOGGLE YOUR PROFILE NAME AND SEE WHY. WARNING: Any institutions using this site or any of its associated sites for studies or projects - You do NOT have my permission to use any of my profile or pictures in any forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications.
My Ideal Person The ideal person is subjective and every situation and person is different. We just want to find couples and singles that we can connect with and will respect both of us.
Basic Information
Marital Status: Married
Referred by: Word of Mouth
Looking For: Couples, Single Females, Single Males
Lifestyle Affiliation: Ethical Non-Monogamist
Hosting Status: Can Host
Have Children?: No Children
Living Situation: I/We live alone
Joined the Site to?: Meet New Friends, Meet New Playmates, Attend Lifestyle Events, Learn More About The Lifestyle, Promote My Lifestyle Event or Business
About Him
Body Type: A Few Extra Pounds
Smokes?: Trying to Quit
Drinks: Light Drinker
Drugs?: 420 on occasion
Body Modifications?: Ears Pierced
Male Endowment: Average, Average Girth, Curve
Circumcised?: Yes
About Her
Body Type?: A few extra pounds, Curvy
Smokes?: Trying to quit
Drinks?: Light drinker
Drugs?: 420 on occasion
Body Modifications?: Ears pierced
: 38
: D
His Likes
How He Plays?: Same room as my partner, Seperate rooms, Seperate locations and times ok, Soft swap, Full swap situational, Full swap, FMF Threesomes, MFM Threesomes, Group Play, Orgies, Gang Bangs
Where He Plays?: At home, Others homes, Lifestyle clubs, House parties, Adult theaters, Adult bookstores/gloryholes, Outside, Hot tubs, Kink/BDSM clubs
Lead Up?: He is social, He is outgoing, He likes to chase, He likes to be chased, He is flirty, He likes to be flirted with, He likes to send sexy emails and texts, He likes to recieve sexy emails and texts, He likes dirty talk, He likes to be playful outside the bedroom, He likes to be kissed anytime, He likes to be touched anytime
During Play?: Kissing is ok, He is a switch, He likes to make the first move, He likes you to make the first move, You to just take him, Foreplay, Recieve hand jobs, Give hand jobs, Knows how to make a woman squirt, Recieve blow jobs, Go down on a woman, Vaginal sex, Recieve anal toy play, Give anal toy play, Likes to recieve nipple play, Likes to recieve rough nipple play, Light BDSM, Likes to be spanked, Likes to be Bitten, Likes to be scratched, Likes to be choked lightly, Likes to be tied up or restrained, Likes to watch, Likes to be watched, Roll Playing, Erotic massage
Same Sex Play?: I am straight, although incidental contact does not freak me out

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